January 3, 2021:

Sadly, we had to drop James back off to the base in Pensacola today. It was so nice to have everyone under the same roof again. We had a wonderfully long visit with James and we are all very thankful we got to spend quality time together.
We speculated on where James would be stationed for next Christmas. We figured he'll either be stationed in Georgia, Maryland, or Hawaii. We have no idea what this coming year will bring or where we will be come this time next year. Our only resolution is to enjoy the ride and be grateful for the journey.
Although we were bummed to leave James behind, our consolation was to take in the beautiful sunset on our long scenic drive back. We are planning on spending a couple more weeks in the Santa Rosa area and then a couple of weeks in Orlando before departing for the cold. We head north to Michigan for Nick's cardiology checkup scheduled for the beginning of February. Until then, we count our blessings and continue living our best lives.
"Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully"