4/30/15   A New Viner Family blog entry posted. Entry10: Things to Come

4/28/15   SuperHeart T-shirt giveaway started.  Sign our Guestbook and be entered into the drawing held Monday May 4th- Heterotaxy Awareness Day! 

4/24/15   It's official- The Nicholas Viner Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

4/21/15   A New Viner Family blog entry posted. Entry9: The Fork in the Road

4/20/15   Scholarship & Nomination for Need information have been added under programs.

4/16/15   A New Viner Family blog entry posted. Entry8: "D" Day (Diagnosis)

4/15/15   A New Viner Family blog entry posted. Entry 7: The Waiting Game

4/14/15   Thank you to all of our supporters!  Email your pictures with your awareness gear to so we can post to our website!

4/09/15 One Million Miles for Nicholas Team has been announced. Travis Glaser joins and jump starts the 2015 Team!