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Sierra Cycles is a family owned and operated powersports business located in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Sierra Cycles was founded in 1979 by Barry Levitt, and is now operated by Barry, his son David, and David’s wife Cassie. The store carries brands such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, CFMoto, Califonia Sidecar, and Lehman Trikes, as well as a large selection of pre-owned motorcycles, ATVs, and Side by Side machines. During the last four decades of business, Sierra Cycles has been a multi-time winner of the DealerNews Top 100 (being a “Top 100” dealer in the United States) as well as numerous awards and recognition from their brands and the industry as a whole.

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Lilahroo's mission is to send lovies (blankets) to infants and toddlers who are in hospitals or receiving ongoing medical care throughout the U.S. 

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SGT Johnny & Maria Torres, US Army

SSgt Lewis Wilder, US Air Force

Mary Musto & Bob Moe

Nathaniel Burnside, ABH2 US Navy

Arthur Hoskins, CS1 US Navy

SSG Travis & Christy Glaser, US Army

Tara Burket & Family

Gregory Bradley

David & Cassie Levitt

Hollis Family

Kenneth Schwarten

Tamsen Munger

Gary Stolte

Kevin & Tracy Walters

Courtney Johnson

Tania Rucker

Mehnoor Ahmed

Karla Hamilton

Amber Christenson

Kevin & Julia Olson

Anna Kelly

Luap Rheot

Shannon Robinson

Gwyn Cannan

Elizabeth Stoehr

Grandma & Grandpa Gary

Mike Spielmaker, SGM Ret. US Army

Mike & Tracy Domke

SSG Greg Matulaitis, US Army

Patricia Downing

Alex Kwilinski

Kelly Family

Valencour Family

Deanna Laemmle


BIGGBY - Gezon Pkwy

Renata D'Angelo

Steve & Jenny Crump

Susan Martinez

Candice Charles

Linda Hillesland

Bree Miller

Meyer Family

Katie Kelly

Ron & Sue Viner

Susan Brown

Connie Wolkie

DJ Moore

Kathleen Downing

Mary Lou Kelly

Mike Downing

SGT Brandon & Amanda Elliston, US Army

James & Jan Viner

CPT Joanne Douglas, US Army

Joel Meyers

Harvey Johnson
Utecht Family
Chadwick Family
Tallia Cunnea
Sierra Cycles
John & Barbara Leegwater
Carol Searing
Kimberly Davies
Bonnie St Yves
Laura Mark
Stacy Bennett
Jennifer Paas
John Leegwater
Janelle Martinez
Bonnie Page
Catherine Delostrinos
Amber Nabors

Donations on behalf of the Nicholas Viner Heart Foundation

Lilahroo's Christmas Packages

Congenital Heart Center - Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Ryan Haywood Family - Go Fund Me

Grayson Stuart Family - Go Fund Me

Heterotaxy Connection

Wightman Family - Go Fund Me

Lauren Hammett - Southampton General Hospital

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Christian Lybbert Family - You Caring

Avery Kalk Family - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Jake Thompson Family - Go Fund Me

Lackey Family - Electric Company

Seay Family - Booster 

Jade-Marie Archer - Southampton General Hospital

Lilahroo's CHD Packages

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