Story of Nicholas Viner

We play many different roles through life.  As parents, many of us become unofficial doctors or nurses, personal bankers, therapists, chauffeurs, and personal chefs just to name a few.  We've recently also added blogger and Hetetotaxy/CHD advocates to our list.

My name is Sherri Viner. I've been married to my husband Jimmy for 15 years.  We have 4 kids - James (17), Alexander (5), Nicholas (3), Josephine (19 mos), and a small male boxer named Tank.  My husband recently retired after his service from Active Duty Army.  During that time, we've been to many states and different countries.  As luck would have it, Jimmy got stationed in Michigan for our final duty station where we lived for 3 years. We were only minutes away from the Helen Devos Children's Hospital where Nicholas got his open heart surgeries.

We moved back to Minnesota this summer and will now be followed by his medical team in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic. 

During our 17 week ultrasound, the doctor told us our baby boy Nicholas had Heterotaxy and complex heart defects.  Since then, we've been through the spectrum of emotions.  One thing that we kept feeling is helplessness.  Nothing we could do would change what happened to our sweet baby.  We felt our family and friends felt the same in that they didn't know what to say or do.  So instead, we are doing the only things we know we can.  We are trying to be proactive and learn as much about the disorder, fundraising for charity, and passing along our story to help spread awareness. You can follow our story on our Blog.

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